H-Type Punching Presses

H-Type Punching Presses

ATM cutting and forming systems are successfully used in diverse industries. The flexible and economical production of sheet metal parts are produced in the best quality and many pieces. Our range of products for efficient serial production of high quality components is very broad. Whether punching machine, C-frame press, toggle press, conventional mechanical transfer press, we will find the right solution for your successful production.For parts with complex geometries of the one point-punching machine in sizes 1000 kN and 4000 kN is available. Presses are delivered with a servo drive also.

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New Lamination Presses 60t

Product no.: EHLP-PK400-60

Available from 02/14/2020 to 02/14/2021

52,000.00 *
Delivery weight: 4,200 kg
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery