Workshop Press 100t

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Product description:

The electro hydraulic workshop press is a solid construction from hig-grage steel. The hydraulic aggregate consists of a quality pump and a relief valve. With hand valve the pressing power can be adjusted steplessly.

  • Double effecting and induction hardened hardchrome cylinder.
  • Safety valve protects against overloads.
  • Heavy duty steel structure.
  • Adjustable table height.
  • Pressure regulator to control the amount of pressure.
  • CE Certification

The press is suitable for

  • the employment in production factories, training workshops, crafts enterprises, repair and
  • assembly works
  • pressing and squeezing work
  • presses of camps, sockets and pins
  • arranging carriers, axles, profiles and waves
  • setting-up of tools.


Product Note Status Price
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Workshop Press 120t- WSP300 6,732.00 € *
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6,070.00 € *
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