Shipping terms

Place of Delivery and method of transport
Unless otherwise indicated all sales are "Ex-works Incoterms 2010", suppliers` facilities. The choice of the most suitable method of transport shall be decided by the Buyer who shall be responsible for the consignment of the equipment to their respective site. Under no circumstances shall the vendor be liable for any missing, delayed or irregular deliveries nor shall the vendor be required to make any indemnity payment for any direct or indirect loss caused by failure to make delivery of the equipment to the Buyer site. If agreed upon in the CdO, ATM may arrange for shipment on behalf of the Buyer, who in all circumstances shall assume all risk of loss associated with the referenced shipment. In case the Buyer does not cause shipment to occur within 15 days after having accepted the machine as meeting or exceeding all specifications included in the CdO as well as subsequent modifications, if any, the Vendor may warehouse such equipment and shall be entitled to invoice warehousing fees including handling, insurance and any other expenses associated with the warehousing of such equipment.