NC Guillotine Shear 4x2060mm

Product no.: SRGM 4x2060

Verfügbar vom 14.02.2020 bis 14.02.2021

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Delivery weight: 3,000 kg

The NC guillotine shears are manufactured according to the most modern technology. Frame and blades are designed so that precise cuts can be performed. The NC guillotine shears are produced as closed frame design which twists and simultaneously allow under heavy working conditions good cutting results. NC guillotine shears are produced according to CE standard and comply with all applicable safety regulations


  • NC control back gauge with 750 mm stroke
  • Squaring with T-slots, Stopper and Ruler
  • Foot pedal
  • Sheet support arms
  • table with ball casters
  • Counter
  • Protection cages


Product Note Status Price
NC Guillotine Shear 4x2560mm NC Guillotine Shear 4x2560mm
21,340.00 € *
NC Guillotine Shear 3x3060mm NC Guillotine Shear 3x3060mm
20,210.00 € *
NC Guillotine Shear 3x2560mm NC Guillotine Shear 3x2560mm
19,080.00 € *
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